This week’s top headlines in the crypto news Central bank’s hike the Federal Reserve and the bank of England raise interest rates at a rapid.

Pace in a bid to fight inflation when will the financial system start to break.

Bitcoin mining ban an energy producer in Canada’s largest Province asks for permission from the Canadian government to pull the plug on crypto miners.

Will other countries start to follow suit? Ethereum’s updated roadmap Creator Vitalik Buterin shares an updated list of upcoming Milestones with the crypto Community.

What do they mean for ETH? Decentralized storage season – our weave goes Interstellar in response to the Project’s partnership with meta while filecoin flies in response to a new storage Alliance.

Why this crypto Niche cannot be ignored? Twitter takeover continued, Elon Musk Cuts half of the company’s Workforce while tabling plans for crypto payments and making controversial changes to the platform’s verification.